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About Us

The Smart-Sports story

Smart-Sports was formed in 2009 by a group of Australian Sports enthusiasts trying to find excellent quality sports clothing and equipment at reasonable prices. We found that the Australian market was dominated by a few large global brands and prices were by and large, overpriced. So we went travelling further afield to find the best brands from overseas and began to import high quality, but lesser-known brands from overseas.

We now have exclusive deals in place with several of the World’s best Value sportswear brands from Europe and Asia that rival the quality of the bigger brands like Nike, Adidas, 2XU Under Armour and Skins. We continue to introduce Australians to the idea that they can choose lesser-known, but equally reliable sportswear brands such as Athlete, More-Mile, Tesla and EmFraa.

We try to keep a large range of sportswear that offers the best value.

Our specialism is Baselayers and Compression Sportswear, cycling, running and fitness clothing. The ethos of the business is to continue to find the best brands from overseas, test the quality and make sure we only sell products where we 100% believe in the quality and performance. We work closely with our manufacturers to feedback the responses from the Australian customers and to improive the products on offer

Our belief is that if you have great quality reliable sportswear at half the price of the big brands you can afford to do more. Being able to kit yourself out with all the gear needed to exercise and be active in Australia, to live longer be healthier and enhjoy and active lifestyle.

We work on very tight margins to provide the best possible price to our loyal customers. We have a small committed team who work very hard to provide the best customer service we can and we are always looking to improve.

We are based out of a small distribution office in Brisbane, QLD. As the global distributor of many of the brands we sell and are able to offer wholesale and franchise packages to retailers in Australia and in other countries.

We also are working closely with Athlete-Sportswear to launch and promote a new Yoga and fitness range for ladies.